Prime Pearl Ibeju Lekki

Property Details


Just as the name goes, the estate is:
  • Unique
  • Stunning
  • Valued
  • Affordable
Prime Pearl Ibeju Lekki is located in the new hub of Lagos (Ibeju Lekki) where smart investors are pitching their tents already, 30 mins after La Campagne  Tropicana in the Itoru Ode-Omi community, with a lot of infrastructures going on in this community, You cannot afford to miss out of this.
Pearl symbolizes beauty,  protection and wisdom. Indeed, it is matchless and incomparable.
100% Dry.
Buy Value, Buy Worth and Buy Wealth.

Landmarks/ Neighbourhood

  • Lekki Free Trade Zone
  • La Campaigne Tropicana
  • Amen Estate
  • Lekki Deep Sea Port

Land Title

Registered Survey

Land Sizes/ Price

  • ₦750,000  outright payment/ 600 sqm
  • ₦562,500 outright payment / 450 sqm
  • ₦375,000 outright payment/ 300 sqm