Prime Gardens

Property Details


Arepo. 10-minute drive from Berger.

Estate Features/ Neighbourhood

  • 60% Dry Land
  • Excellent estate areas ( close to Journalists Estate)
  • Free From Government Encumbrance
  • Perimeter Fencing
  • Good Road Network
  • Street Lights
  • Gated and Secure
  • Hi-Impact Amusement Park

Land Title

Registered Survey.

Land Sizes/ Price

  • N7.5 million outright payment/ 600 sqm
  • N8.25 million flexible payment plan/600 sqm ( Initial deposit of N1.5million, monthly payment of N562,500)
  • N5.625 million outright payment/ 450 sqm
  • N6,187,5oo flexible payment plan/450 sqm ( Initial deposit of N1.125million, monthly payment of N421,875)
  • N3.75million outright payment/ 300sqm
  • N4.125 million flexible payment plan/300 sqm ( Initial deposit of N825,000 monthly payment of N275,000)